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Kookaburra Organics Australia

Join us for a One day comprehensive introduction to beekeeping workshop.

QueenBee, Paula West, Apiarist, at AdoptaBeehive will show you the keys to maintain a Bee Hive. Hands on activities for a day of hammering , wiring , spinning honey, viewing a working beehive, identifying the bees (Queen, Workers and Drones).

We operate as artisan beekeepers. This is a practice that has been sidelined with the advent of industrialization of our food products.

Our honey is raw, pure honey, meaning there is no heat treatment processes. Heat kills the major health benefits of the delicate and vital essence of the honey. Also, we do not use antibiotic, chemicals or bee cake. Antibiotics are foreign substances to a bee’s digestive system and the residue is deposited into the honey, wax and propolis. Is the Honey you are eating full of chemicals and antibiotics?

Beekeeping is fun. You get plenty of exercise and if you are keen you may be invited to join our Next Generation of young artisan beekeepers, eventually looking after your own bee sanctuary.

What is pollination? You will understand why the honey bees are so important to our existence and the simple solutions required in protecting our local fruit and vegetable supplies because the global food shortage is just around the corner. Over 2/3 of fruit and vegetables are pollinated by the Honey Bee.

If you are allergic to bees, then this is not for you, unless you are interested in helping out with the maintenance of equipment.

Natural Beekeeping Tasmania

Meet the Bees
At the Shared Apiary, we run regular 'Meet the Bees' sessions. These have been very popular as small group sessions learning interesting facts on bees and experiencing the wonder of opening a hive and observing the complex colony. This is a great opportunity for deciding if beekeeping is for you. Get together a group sharing the experience with friends and family. The courses only run between October and March, and are weather dependent to suit the bees. All sessions have suits and gloves supplied. The classes are limited to small numbers.

Beginner Bees
Have you been looking for a course on beekeeping? Beginner Bees provides a mix of theory and practice to get you started with bees. Learn where to locate the hive, inspect it, and how to work positively with the bees. Learn the essentials to ensure your bees stay alive and thrive through the seasons.

Learn to Build a Warre Hive
The Warre or people's hive is excellent for natural beekeeping practice. It is easily built and provides an attractive hive in your garden. The hive is becoming increasingly popular and this course introduces you to the principles of the hive, explores how it is managed as a beekeeper, its construction, considerations for the cool Tasmanian climate and some hands on experience in building the hive. The course includes a hive box you get to keep. Plans provided. Carpentry experience is not necessary. Classes at The Shared Apiary, Firthside.

Building a Langstroth Hive
If a Langstroth Hive is your choice, then this class will explain how to build a kit correctly. The functioning of the hive will be explained along with details of design pros and cons, box construction, frame and foundation options, hive mats, bottom boards and lids, quilt boxes and finishing of hives. The moisture challenges of this hive will be explored. The class includes hands on experience of building an ideal box which you get to take home, and you will have options of purchasing hive hardware. Carpentry experience is not necessary. Classes at The Shared Apiary, Firthside, Kingston.can be booked and paid for on an individual or small group basis. We will contact you to arrange a time.

Tocal College

All across the world, people are realising the role bees play in getting food onto our tables. Australia is the 4th biggest exporter of honey in the world, and a growing fascination with bees among the wider community has made beekeeping an increasingly popular hobby.

Tocal has industry-standard publications for beekeepers, and industry-led practical training to take that knowledge into the field.

Tocal College trainers are passionate about helping beekeepers at all levels to grow in their knowledge of bees and improve their beekeeping practice for healthier bees and better quality honey and hive products. From checking your hives for pests and diseases, to re-queening your hives for beneficial behaviours, learn the skills you need from experienced trainers with years in the industry.

The University of Sydney

Why not harvest your own honey? You can have a few hives and let the bees do most of the work for you.

Learn everything you need to know about bees, the equipment needed and how much honey you can expect. Discover how to make products from beeswax such as candles, soap and cosmetic creams.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • - identify the various methods of beekeeping
  • - select suitable bees, flora and beehive position
  • - note the regulations pertaining to beekeeping
  • - maintain a beehive successfully
  • - implement the procedure to harvest honey and render wax
  • - recognise pests and diseases affecting bees
  • - distinguish the various products made from honey and wax.

CERES Community Environment Park

Are you already started in beekeeping but want to know more? Maybe you are just looking to learn more about how to manage a beehive as part of your backyard garden or permaculture setup. This workshop provides you with an insight into the skills and experience required to safely and effectively manipulate a bee hive and carrying out general management practices.

In addition to providing you with a broad understanding of the history and biology of a colony of European honey bees, at the end of the workshop participants will know what steps need to be taken to get started in beekeeping

The session runs for 2 hours and has plenty of time for questions and answers. Participants will leave with all the enthusiasm to get started as beekeepers.

Bee Scientifics

We offer courses, training and field days throughout Victoria. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive notifications of new opportunities.

Queen Rearing: Queen Rearing Workshop is held the first weekend November (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in Melbourne in conjunction with Benedict Hughes of The Practical Beekeeper.

Beekeeping: We are taking expressions of interest for a beekeeping long course held in Central Victoria over the course of the beekeeping season (approx. 25 weeks). The course would meet one day per week, but attendance at every session is not necessary and participants can come to as many or as few days as they would like.

Victorian Apiarists' Association

The Victorian Apiarists' Association can help all beekeepers regardless of how many bee hives they own. Whether you are a hobbyist beekeeper with one hive in the backyard, a semi-commercial beekeeper wishing to take the next step towards becoming fully financially dependent on beekeeping, or a full time commercial beekeeper - we can help you.

VAA offer seasonal one and two day courses which is designed to provide new or prospective beekeepers (including those with Flow Hives) with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to successfully manage a beehive throughout a beekeeping season, and particularly in springtime.

The course has been developed from and is consistent with core units of Certificate III in Beekeeping. Subsequent courses in February and March 2021 will focus on beekeeping during summer, autumn and winter.

The Beekeepers Club

This Introduction to Beekeeping course is designed to provide new beekeepers with both the practical skills and the background knowledge to start beekeeping with confidence.

The all day program is highly interactive and includes a live hive opening at the club apiary on the following Saturday as well as other hands-on skill building exercises. Background instruction incorporates equipment selection and bee biology in addition to details of the Apiary and Biosecurity Codes of Practice.

Our highly qualified tutors have experience with both conventional Langstroth hives and the new Flow hives as well as top bar hives.

Included in the course fee are a comprehensive handbook and a copy of the textbook The Australian Beekeeping Manual which retails at $50.

The hive session is weather dependent and in the event of completely unsuitable weather, we will schedule an alternative date or dates for the hive inspection.

A certificate of completion will be awarded once the online quiz has been successfully attempted.

No previous experience is required and loan protective equipment is available for the hive session. Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided.

Beekeeping Naturally

You will learn about the intimate life of a Honey Bee colony, how to catch and relocate a swarm and the fundamentals to start up and manage a colony of your own.

We will look at a number of different hives and discuss the pros and cons of them all.

The course covers the types of equipment you will need to catch swarms and to manage your hives.

You will learn about Bee developmental stages and Queen development. As well as the importance of natural honeycomb, where to position a beehive, harvesting natural raw honey and tools needed for harvesting, beekeeping and swarm management.

Bec's BeeHive

Beginner Bee Keeping Workshops are highly recommended before your start with Bees. Not only will you gain confidence after having hands on experience before you take possession of your own bee hives but you will know the legal responsibility required as a Beekeeper. Don't forget to watch my movie below giving you a taste of our program.

Southside Beekeepers Club

Attendees will require a Bee Suit & Gloves to participate in all practical activities in our apiary. If you do not have a Bee suit and gloves please mention this in the comments area and we will be in touch to assist you to acquire a suit or we may be able to loan you a club suite (limited number available)

To attend our course you are required to become a Southside Beekeepers Club Member. By signing up for this course the details you provide will form part of your membership application to become a member.