Varroa surveillance tools and techniques

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Varroa surveillance tools and techniques

In the early stages of an invasion reliable tools and detection rates are critical. The methods described below are laid out in detail to ensure good compliance. Shortcuts and modifications to the method can result in less accurate tests and lower detection rates.

Familiarise yourself fully with the method before beginning. If you are confused or have questions on these methods, please contact Ecrotek the video author.

How to perform an Alcohol wash

Read USDA Instructions for Alcohol Wash

How to Perform a sugar shake

Varroa Sugar Shake Instructions - How to Sample for Mites

How to use sticky boards for surveillance

Read more information about sugar shake method from the links below: 

Varroa mite sampling with a sticky board

USDA Varroa Sugar Shake Instructions

How to check drone brood for varroa

What to do if you find Varroa?

Varroa is a notifiable disease. If you find varroa in your hive contact the state authorities immediately and follow all of their instructions.

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Varroa Mite Series
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