Is the Smart Bottom Board better than the Original Bottom Board?
  • We would not like to say one is better than the other however, the Smart Bottom Board is a newer design which allows for more ease of working the hives. The main pro’s of the Smart Bottom Board compared to the Original is:
  • You do not need to physically move your boxes in front or behind the lugs from Summer to Winter mode.
  • You have the Triple Entrance Disc attachment which makes it easy to shut hives off and reduce entrances. We also have an Entrance Reducer which can be swapped for the Triple Disc Entrance.

Please see here for more Info on our Smart Bottom Boards; (LINK)


Do the bees prefer plastic or wood?
  • When it comes to choosing plastic or wood for your bees this is mainly a personal preference of the beekeeper. We have many beekeepers who like to use plastic and just as many who like to use wood. Choose what is right for you and your bees
What is the difference between Manley and Hoffman Frames?
  • Manley Frames have a wider width of 35mm and therefore meaning they are designed to fit 8 frames to a box. Manley Frames only come in ¾ depth size. Hoffman frames have a 33mm width which means you can fit 10 frames to a box. These come in ¾ and Full Depth Sizes.
How much sugar do I need to feed the bees and what ratio?
  • It is hard to determine how much sugar your bees may need. If you are unsure than it is best to start off with a couple of litres and check frequently how quickly they are taking it. If they take the sugar quickly then they need more. Our Sugar is 67% BRIX which means every 100mls of water there is 1% sugar content. If mixing your own syrup there are 2 ratios you can use. For a syrup equivalent to our 67% BRIX mix the amount of sugar to half the amount of warm water. For a lighter syrup mix the same amounts of sugar to water.

For our range of feeders please see here; (LINK)


Do I need to keep my hive off the ground?
  • It is recommended to keep your hives slightly off the ground. Wether this be on a Pallet, blocks, a home-made stand or some wood. Having your hives off the ground allows for better ventilation under the hive and prevents weeds etc blocking the ventilation. Having the hive slightly off the ground also allows for easier working.
Do your extractors take ¾ and Full Depth Frames?
  • Yes, our range of extractors are designed to take both ¾ depth and Full Depth Frames.
Is there a minimum quantity when buying Jars?
  • Our Jars do come in minimum quantities as they are packed in a food grade facility and come to us packed as a sealed carton. You can see all our minimum quantities listed on our jar products.
As a new beekeeper, which books do you recommend I buy?
  • There are many great books to buy as a new beekeeper. We recommend the Australian Beekeeping Manual.
I’m looking to get my own bees, which gear do you think I need to start?
  • For a basic start up you will need your protective gear and a full hive setup.

We would recommend the list below for a great starting point;

  • Full Bee Suit/ Veil or Jacket
  • Hive Tool
  • Smoker
  • Frame Holder
  • Full RTG Starter Hive
  • Queen Excluder
What’s the difference between the short and long plastic Foundation?
  • The Short plastic foundation is designed to fit a wooden kitset frame with a grooved bottom and top bar. Our Long Foundation is designed to fit into kitset frames with a grooved top and bottom bar and a grooved end bar.
Are your kitset boxes Dipped?
  • No our Kitset boxes are not dipped. If you need a dipped box then you can look at our assembled boxes. Alternatively you can give the box a couple coats of paint once assembled to give protection.
If my hood breaks, do I need to buy a whole new suit?
  • No, you will not need to buy a whole new suit. We do sell the hoods to our suits separately. NOTE: Our replacement hoods only fit our Deanes Suits. Please see here for our replacement hood (LINK)

 What colour do I mark my queen with?

  • If you are wanting to mark your queen to know the age then we have a handy table to show which colour to mark your queen with for each specific year. (insert marking colour chart)
  • If you are just wanting to mark your queen for ease of seeing her then you can choose which colour you like.
Should I use Full Depth, Ideal or WSP Boxes?
  • Deciding which size box to use depends on personal preference. Full Depth boxes are generally used for Brood Boxes. Some people will go for Full Depth boxes completely however, Full Depth boxes filled with honey can weigh up to 40kg. Take into consideration your capabilities before deciding which size boxes to choose.

     General Enquiries:

    Do I need to register as a beekeeper?
    • Yes you do need to register yourself as beekeeper and register your Apiary. This is very simple and can be done online.

    Do my hives need to be checked for diseases?

    • Yes, as a responsible beekeeper you are  obligated to make sure your hives are checked for diseases regularly. 

    I have a swarm, what should I do?

    • If you have a swarm or know of a swarm and you cannot safely box them up yourself then the best option is to contact your local bee club as they will have a list of beekeepers that will come and collect swarms.
    Can I place an order on Live Chat?
    • Our Live Chat service is for general enquiries only or if you need help with something on our website. We do not allow orders to be placed over Live Chat as we like customers to call or email as this way we can keep a trail on communications.